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Three Steps to Fix Your Inner Game and Become The Person You Want to Be.

  • Decide what you want and why
  • Define in exquisite detail what that looks like
  • Design the life that person lives

.If you want to succeed online or in any other area of your life you need to work on your 'Inner Game'  Yes, unfortunately, it probably is you that are holding you back and stopping you from getting what you want in life.

That's why your hard drive is full of strategies, products and techniques and your wallet is empty.

Work on your inner game.  Face and work through the uncomfortable feelings you are hiding and distracting yourself from by buying products, looking at Facebook, gaming and all the other things we do so we don't have to think about things that make us uncomfortable.

You can get off the hamster wheel by doing the hard thinking that clarifies what you truly want to accomplish in this life and your 'WHY', the driving force that makes things happen.

Start with that and see how it naturally flows so that you no longer hide and procrastinate.  You know what you want to do and solutions present themselves or you go out and find them because now you have a reason and a purpose.

You have to stop being a 'Floater'.  It isn't easy and you may uncover some unpleasant things but in the end you will move forward with clarity, purpose and you will succeed because you won't stop until you do.

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