About Audrey Burchill

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So, here is my about me story, for what it’s worth.  I guess I’m a bit different than most people as I don’t usually care so much about the persons back story.  I’m more interested in what they are doing and offering now. 

But, I find I have a lot of ideas that are not in step with either other people or conventional wisdom and as I don’t understand most other people, but have to live among them, I follow the advice of those more knowledgeable about this than I.  Every coach and mentor or person I respect and follow says you need to tell your story in an about you page as people connect to others emotionally and then apply logic.  I guess I’m just backwards.

However, here is my story.

I am the youngest of 5 by ten years and yes that is important to who I am and how I think.  My mother was a Dutch warbride and my father was what I like to call the ‘Imperial Storm trooper’ who liberated her.  Yes, that plays a huge part in who I am and how I think.

I grew up on a dairy farm, outside Ottawa, Ontario, Canada but have travelled to many other countries as an international teacher and speaker.

In my life I have:

    • worked in fast food
    •  been a restaurant and bar manager
    • Owned/ ran a small landscape/construction company
    • did the lawn/ landscape maintenance with 3 crews of guys
    •  did the digital marketing and tech
    • Taught computer repair
    • Counseled people on welfare
    • Was a speaker and workshop present on environmental topics and later on classroom management
    • International K-8 teacher in Australia, Kuwait, Indonesia, India & Qatar
    • Author of Stop Start Coaching, Easy Habits that Stick, Entrepreneurial Success Skills
    • Designed curriculum and online courses
    • Local business digital marketing, chatbots and videos
    • Small business and personal development coach

Health Issues

Unfortunately, while in Papua, something started happening with my eyesight that they couldn’t figure out.  They still can’t figure it out and my eyesight continues to dim.  They say there is nothing organically wrong with my eyes, I just can’t see.  Not very helpful and it means I had to stop teaching as I could no longer see the children’s written work.  I need super high contrast, lots and lots of light and my eyes take forever to adjust from light to dark and vice versa.  I have also lost the ability to see colour reliably. 

I currently use a back lit keyboard and a 32” tv as a monitor,  I have 3X reading glasses and sit really, really close to the monitor. There are other symptoms as well, it seems to be a vascular issue but I won’t bore you with that. 

So pretty much I am making my way in online business as it is still something I can do.  I feel strongly in the need to help others on their journey.  As I can no longer help children gain self-confidence and self-worth, as a teacher, my mission is to help others get out of their own way to claim their success.

I try to keep my environmental footprint small so you won’t hear me talk about the material benefits of an online lifestyle.  I put all I can into helping people in my local community with capacity building so they can support their families and children can that they are capable and should be confident in their ability to grow to meet any challenge.

My Online Journey

My online journey started pretty much as soon as the internet was publicly available.  I had a dial up connection and a free AOL account.  My favourite search engine was Northern Lights.  I coded my first webpage in 1999 and began using FrontPage the next year.  Our small business did well getting leads from our web page.

Of course, then I went teaching and just designed web pages for other teachers and for my own students education.  It wasn’t until 2015 when it became clear that my teaching days were getting limited, that I returned to business on the internet.

I currently do local small business marketing (https://LocakBizssl.com  and have a Chatbot agency called Web Page Concierge  and am developing a course website called Level Up Learning on the Eversuite platform.  I also dabble in digital monopoly space, but not as much as I’d like.  I have played a bit with drop shipping Ecomm. I also did some MLM with the Super Affiliate Network.

I’m pretty good with Thrive Themes and SEO to rank local websites quickly. 

My main challenge has been traffic and getting out of my own way.  I have my own limiting and self confidence beliefs that my health situation doesn’t help.

 Personally, I am heavily into personal development and trying to understand how people work and how to make our brains help us to do what needs to be done to succeed in today’s world, when they are designed for a prehistoric world survival. You’ll have seen all the self-help stuff on the website. 

I joined John Thornhill’s Partnership to Success as well as Paul Ponna’s program.  I also follow Neil Patel and Chad Nicely.

My research has lead me to believe that affiliate marketing while building an email list as you create your own products is the best way for most people to get started.  Watch for access to free resources to help you build your own online lifestyle.

I am a bit obsessive so if you are looking for resources, I probably have them to share or an idea of how to get tehm.  So hit me up on Facebook or comment on a blog post.  With my eyesight, some of my typing may take some interpretation, if I get in a hurry and don't really proof it.  Plus if I am on my Fire tablet, it has the oddest auto correct and loves to sneak it in later.