How to Get Targeted Traffic from Instagram

By Audrey

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So this one is pretty simple to set up and easy to explain.  Yes, you will have questions as you implement but that is completely normal.

The executive summary:

  1. Follow the followers of big names in your chosen space or niche. 
  2. About 10 % of them will be curious enough to wonder who the hell you are and click your link  cos they just get followed usually by people they know personally.
  3. In your profile optimize it for your business and put an affiliate link to a high converting offer  in place of the website link.
  4. Because these followers are already interested in your topic or niche, some of them will buy or contact you.  At worst you have a lead and at best you have a customer.


It is free targeted traffic


It is time consuming and doesn't have a high return on your time investment

You may have limited access to high converting offers.

You really need high converting offers and an inticing profile.


Automate it with follow bots and a high converting offers from a friendly and prolific product creator who wants to sell more product.

Javascript Commission Bots are little chrome extensions that will automatically follow the followers while keeping compliant with the platform's terms of use.  

The product creator has included two products, complete with reveiw videos and bonuspages, even the bonuses so you can just copy your links and get your profile in order.

Extra bonus: it includes an Instagram Bot and a Twitter Bot.

Pretty slick, right?

Check out my review and bonus page here.  You might want to consider a few of the extras on this one, because they are really a good value.

Explore finding great high converting offers over and above what are provided with this program.

Here is my review video.

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