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ProfitMail Review!


When it comes to top online entrepreneurs, most of  them make about 80% of their money from their email list.  Yes, the money is actually in the list.

So, you need a list and you need a way to automate contacting that list.  So everyone needs an autoresponder regardless of your traffic source.  An email list is like free traffic, on demand.

Problem with Popular Autoresponders

However, the popular autoresponders like AWeber and GetResponse,  charge a hefty monthly fee and impose limits on just about everything.  If ou have more subscribers or a certain number of lists, they want more money. Plus they have a ton of rules that make importing a list a nightmare of delays and even re-subscribe.   I lost my MailChimp account over importing a list of 34 contacts.  There was nothing spammy about it, I was just starting out and wanted a automated service. 

How is ProfitMail Different

 Well, with Profit Mail  you don’t have to worry about any of that. It’s cloud based, offers you unlimited subscriber, unlimited lists and unlimited email.  AND NO MONTHLY FEE, it is a one time price.  During this launch it is $17 for the main version.

Get started immediately with a small one time any a small one-time fee and you too can profit from an email list.   

. That’s why ProfitMail is so amazing – you control your list  – unlimited emails, lists and forms and most importantly – NO MONTHLY FEES.

Plus no one to control how you manage your subscribers and your list assets.. For less than $20 you’re getting what others are paying hundreds for.

You don’t need a website for it – it’s based in the cloud, just like all the big brands like Aweber, Get Response and Mail Chimp, so they can host your forms and landing pges.

 Grab it now for the lowest price possible! Check my Profit Mail review for more details and bonuses.  

Why Buy from My Link?

My bonuses are carefully selected, not just a random pile from the kitchen sink.  They are chosen to complement and augment the product, not get you overwhelmed and uncertain about where to start or what to do next.

My bonuses for Profit Mail will help you build your list fast and fill it with qualified buyers.  They include simple hacks and tips to get your emails opened and clicked on.

Focus on your goal, not on the roadblocks in front of you.

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